Picture Framing

“We’ll frame anything, as long as it’s not breathing!”

Whether you want to frame a family photograph, mount a child’s drawing or proudly display an impressive exam certificate, we are here to help.

Speedprint Picture Framing Ilford – Speedprint’s bespoke Picture Framing Service offers selection of over 200 mouldings to choose from. From simple black mouldings to ornate gold finishes for that special piece of artwork, we have a carefully selected range to suit all types of art. Our experienced team can help you select the best combination of moulding and mount for your print to create a beautiful, ready to hang picture which will give you years of pleasure.

We are aware that many customers have fabric, curtains and wallpaper to consider when choosing a moulding for your picture, so we work with you to make your choice the correct one for you.

Please make an appointment if you would like to visit us to discuss your picture framing requirements. Call 020 8518 6131 or email info@speedprint.co.uk to book a timeslot.

We can frame:

  • Watercolour Paintings
  • Charcoal Drawings
  • Pastels
  • Embroidery
  • Needlework
  • Oils
  • Papyrus Silks
  • Wedding Photographs
  • Family Portraits
  • Sporting & War Medals
  • Old Family Photos
    (we can repair and digitally enhance the photos if required)
  • Memorabilia
  • Movie Posters
  • Football Shirts
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Dried Flowers
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Cigarette Cards
  • Graduation Certificates
  • Film Acetates and much more!

Canvas Stretching

A stretcher bar is constructed using a wooden stretcher frame to which we then attach the canvas.

Canvas Stretching on Stretcher Bars

Canvas Stretching on Stretcher Bars

They are also used for small-scale embroidery to provide steady tension, affixing the edges of the fabric with push-pins or a staple gun before beginning to sew, and then removing it from the stretcher when the work is complete. Stretchers are usually in the shape of a rectangle.

Football Shirts

The sleeves are typically folded to your specification. The shirt is then stitched and ironed into position onto black mountboard, and framed with a 1.5″ black moulding. The picture is sealed at the back and strung, ready to hang. We use regular glass, if you require non-reflect or acrylic, there will be a small additional cost.

Football shirt framing

Football shirt framing

The size for a framed men’s shirt is usually around 31 x 25″ and the price would be around £115.00, depending on final framed size.

If the signatures are on the back of the shirt, we usually show that side only. We do not recommend framing 2 sided, as the shirt would have to be pressed between 2 sheets of glass and would be liable to slipping. If you have a plaque, we can affix this to the mountboard. We can also cut an extra aperture in the mountboard and typeset wording of your choice in whichever font you prefer.

Framing War Medals

Framing War Medals

Understanding Picture Framing

Our handy guide explains the most common terms used by picture framers…

A substitute for glass, acrylic is a specially made, clear plastic used for glazing oversize frames, it retains the qualities of glass, but is lighter and most importantly shatterproof.

Dry mounting
Any piece of artwork which has creases, or is flimsy, for example a papyrus, silk, etc would benefit from a low heat process of ironing the artwork onto backing board, ready for framing.

Framing tape
This is the tape applied to the back of a frame by picture framers to seal and secure it against dust and insects getting inside the frame.

Limited edition
A limited-edition print is one where the artist limits the number of prints of their artwork, making it more exclusive. The number is written on the print along with the total quantity of prints, such as 120/250.

Framing Marathon Medals, Vest and Certificate - planning stage

Framing Marathon Medals, Vest and Certificate – planning stage

Framing Marathon Medals, Vest and Certificate - finished frame

Framing Marathon Medals, Vest and Certificate – Finished frame

The name given to the wood, metal or plastic that makes up the perimeter of the frame. Picture framers use lots of different types of mouldings and can advise you on what type would best suit the artwork.

The board that surrounds the artwork. We can advise you on what colour and thickness of mount you should choose for your picture. Commonly called a Mat in the US.

Multi Aperture Mount
We can cut mounts with more than one aperture, to make a memorable display of your war medals, photo montages, sporting memorabilia, etc. This can include an extra aperture for wording or a plaque to record your achievement or date information , etc.

Non-reflect glass
Glass used to diffuse light, thus minimising glare and reflection.

Ready-made frame
A frame you can slot your photograph or artwork directly into. These types of frames normally come in a range of standard sizes, including 8×6 inches, 9×7, A4, 10×12, 14×11, 18×14, 20×16 etc. and we usually have a fair selection in stock. If your artwork is slightly smaller than a standard size, we can cut a mount to fit both your artwork and the ready made frame

Certain materials such as oils on canvas, tapestry, embroidery and cross-stitch may need to be stretched before framing to ensure a flat appearance. We can also make a box frame, where we wrap the artwork around a frame which sits behind the picture rather than in front. Older, brittle oils may not be suitable for stretching as there is an increased risk of cracking and damaging the painting. We would normally advise dry mounting the oil in these circumstances.


Remember: “A picture reframed is a picture reborn”