Logo Design and Company Branding

A Business Logo is an integral part of a company’s identity. Whether you are starting a new business or looking to rebrand your image, Speedprint’s professional logo designers will portray the true identity of your business and enhance customer confidence with a custom designed logo.

Your finished Company Logo can be incorporated into your company’s branding including printing, website, van livery, documents, shop signage, advertising and marketing.

It is advisable to make an appointment if you would like to visit us to discuss your branding requirements. Please call 020 8518 6131 or Email: info@speedprint.co.uk to book a timeslot.


Client logo examples

mortgage solutions
Urban Move
Darrell James
London City Locks

We can create your company branding from scratch, or we can improve and redesign your existing branding. We can also redraw existing logos in Illustrator. The beauty of this is that it will be created as a Vector file. This means all elements of the logo can be edited and more importantly the logo can be enlarged up to the size of a double decker bus without any loss of quality or sharpness.

Download Speedprint’s Logo Design brochure in PDF format.

Logo Design from Speedprint is divided into 3 development stages;

  1. Consultation/Brief. This is the most important part of the design process as it provides us with essential background information regarding your business, your products or services and your company ethos; all of which helps us to get a clear idea of what is required. Following this we supply a selection draft concepts; then revisions of one of the preferred concepts, amending colours, fonts, positioning etc, where necessary. Once the design has been refined and approved, we then progress to stage 2.
  2. Creating the finalised master logo (usually in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign) to professional print specification.
  3. Once the logo is complete we will supply a Reference Kit containing lo resolution JPEG (RGB for web usage), high resolution JPEG, TIFF, PDF and Greyscale versions of your logo, together with technical information including fonts used, CMYK & Pantone Reference Numbers if relevant. Other formats are available on request. The copyright of the logo belongs to you, however you may wish to protect your design by Trademarking, further details of which can be obtained from your legal representatives.

The cost of logo design from Speedprint is usually in the area of £495.00+vat including Reference Kit, however some projects may be less or more, depending on your requirements.

Trademarking your logo in UK, Europe and Worldwide

A trademark generally includes any word, letter, numeral, symbol, logo, design, device or a brand and in more modern systems of trademark, a combination of colors, sound, scent and also a three dimensional shape used to distinguish goods or services of one proprietor from another.Registration of a trademark gives the registered owner of the mark exclusive rights to use the mark in the course of trade in the goods or services for which the trademark has been granted. The certificate of registration on the face of it is proof of ownership of the mark. If a person uses a mark in connection with certain goods/services in the course of trade, which is identical or confusingly similar to a registered trademark for similar goods/services, the registered owner will be able to sue for infringement. In other words, the right to sue for infringement is available only if the trademark is registered. Speedprint strongly recommends that you contact a specialist law firm once we have finalised your new custom Logo and Branding.

Understanding colour

How to choose the right colour for your company branding

Have you ever considered why that airline might have chosen their unmistakable orange? Or why blue is the colour of financial institutions like banks and accountants? Why do health food shops and supermarkets use green in their branding? These colour choices were no accident. Colour plays a vital, yet perhaps subconscious, role in how we perceive and react to a brand, so it’s important to consider the colours you use to represent your business.


Red suggests excitement, warmth, vitality and danger. It increases our heart rate and encourages a passionate response from people.


Orange can made products seem less expensive. Cheerful, warm and happy. Often associated with value-led businesses. Also a popular colour used inside fast food restaurants, as it stimulates the appetite.


Brown is rich, earthy and natural. Ideal for products and businesses who want to appear trustworthy and organic.


Yellow symbolises sunshine, happiness and optimism. Apparently an effective colour to increase sales.


Green suggests health, freshness, and freedom. Ideal for products associated with health food or activities with a strong emphasis on the environment. Dark green is known to appeal to wealthy customers.


White symbolises purity and truthfulness. Contemporary and clinical. It’s the best web background colour. Encourages us to clear clutter or obstacles.


Black symbolises power, sophistication and mystery. Shooting products on black backgrounds can make them look desirable and luxurious.


Blue represents trustworthiness, coolness, cleanliness, stability and honesty. A popular corporate colour, especially for financial institutions.


Purple suggests spirituality, royalty and luxury. Using purple can denote a superior products or service as it conveys gravitas and power.


Pink suggests caring, gentleness and is calming. Ideal for massage rooms and spas. Often used by charities.