Digital Photo Restoration & Repair

We can repair your treasured photographs – those cherished photos that have been damaged, torn by accident or simply faded and deteriorated through age – can be brought back to life with our digital photo restoration service.

By capturing your photo electronically the digital copy can be enhanced & manipulated by one of our restoration artists using specialist computer software.

You can scan (min 300dpi) and email us your photo with your instructions. We will let you know the cost of the service and email you a lo resolution proof of the repaired photo. Once you are happy with the result, we will email you a high resolution jpeg. You can alternatively post your original photo to us, and we will send you back a sized print (up to A4 size) of the repaired photo with the original photograph by recorded delivery. You can of course send us your photo which we can scan for you at 600dpi)

For personal callers we will supply repaired jpeg on your usb/memory stick, so that your photo is safe for many years to come.

We can digitally:

  • Repair scratches, creases, tears, mould, dirt spots and stains
  • Piece back together torn photographs
  • Recreate missing sections
  • Remove pen / biro marks
  • Correct colour casts and yellowing
  • Revive contrast/brightness in faded photos
  • Enhance detail, focus and sharpness
  • Restore ghosted images (double exposures)
  • Mend scorched or fire damaged photos
  • Remove unwanted objects (including people!)

The cost to restore your photo depends on the condition it’s in, the amount of damage and the level of detail in the damaged areas, however as a guide our prices are usually between £15 and £40 per photo.

It is advisable to make an appointment if you would like to visit us to discuss your photo restoration requirements. Please call 020 8518 6131 or Email: to book a timeslot.